Mary Poppins updates her most famous song with "GOP's-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors"

Originally published at: Mary Poppins updates her most famous song with "GOP's-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors" | Boing Boing


What a marvelously clear and accurate message
(which will be ignored by any who would benefit from it -sigh-)

Given the slight cognitive disconnect which comes of the lovely British accents, is there a version aimed at the Tories?


Well, that about sums it up.



With slight alteration, you can probably use the same lyrics for "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General".

But, yeah, the pessimist in me keeps saying: “40,000 votes, spread over the right 3 states, and T would have been reelected. All these voter suppression laws are being engineered so it wont happen that way next time. And next time, the Big Lie will be Bigger (or they wont even need it). This has just been a holding action. 2022 and 2024 are going to be decisive.”


Being it has the Divine Ms. M. in it, I wanted to like it more, but it just doesn’t deliver the same pizazz as one of Randy Rainbow’s works. (Also, “Braggadocious” was my favorite.)


Agree; “Super callous, fragile, egocentric, braggadocious” was just a better written and executed parody for that particular song.



Just having these guys in office is enough to give anyone super gonorrhea spastic colon trichinosis.

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This kind of junk is boring. It’s preaching to the choir and might make just a little bit of noise in the ear of the mythical undecided voter. The right won’t hear it, the left already knows it.

It’s tribalism for sure, and perhaps justified, but what the frack are we going to do about it? That’s what I want to hear. It’s been four tortuous years of the gop death cult, and just as much time with tripe like this video. No more, please.


A resistance needs a bit of laughter now and then. We can be serious about the threat that the GQP poses to democracy and humanity and still have a bit of fun now and then.


Party realignments tend to very slow, then sudden. The demographics that the GOP and IF we don’t let them go full blown dictator or civil war, in about 20 years it won’t be possible for them to gerrymander their way to national victory. Texas is slowly getting bluer. Gerrymandering means that for the next census cycle or two that will help the GOP in the house but after that…

That was AWESOME!

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