Masaya Nakamura, "father of Pac-Man," RIP


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Did he die of fever?


Man, if I was that guy, I’d have some fun with it and worked this sound in to my funeral some how…


Should take a trip over to Seattle’s Pac-Man park.


What, no one had a spare coin?


Sadly nobody had their quarter on the machine.

Games end. Memories fade.

Pioneers? They live forever.


Thanks for bringing so much joy to my and so many other children’s lives.


i was firmly in the standup arcade machine demographic, and because i was so young at the time, i had it in my head that pac-man came first, and then galaga. today i learned that galaga came first, which is a nice bit of trivia to have. RIP, sir, and thank you for the many many many MANY happy hours.


I ride by there every day on the bus. It turned out nicely.


I have trouble with this game.

I would like the attendant to restart it for me.

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