The Autobiography of Pac-Man


I can’t get over the feeling that Chapter 6 should be Chapter 1, or at least Chapter 2. What was he doing for the first five chapters? Sitting in a pizza box on a Namco board room table, waiting to be digitized? Developing the very beginnings of consciousness as lines of code were written? Trying desperately to break out of a crappy Atari home version? Rocking out to Buckner & Garcia?

Well, yeah, actually I guess all those things could take up at least five chapters.

Now I want the later chapters where he goes into detail about his rocky relationship with Donkey Kong, and his drug-fueled massacre of dozens of pinball machines.

It must have been hard for those two to make that long-distance relationship work considering that he was from Japan and she was from Illinois.

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Really more of a sprite than a blob.

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