Mass incarceration and disenfranchisement of brown people was the key to GOP control in Alabama, but thanks to criminal justice reform, black people can vote against child-molester Roy Moore

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How nutty is it that we may ultimately have to depend on convicted criminals to save our legislature because the self-appointed “party of law & order” is backing a known child molester?

ETA: Honestly this kind of reminds me of that scene from the The Dark Knight when the big tough-looking convict grabs the detonator from the guard and throws it out the window so they can’t blow up the other boat full of civilians to save themselves.


There are some criminals who deserve to lose the right to vote, but they’re rarely convicted. They’re called robber-barons, and rather than disenfranchisement, their crimes allow them to magnify their political influence.

Sounds to me like something akin to the Freedom Summer is needed in Alabama. Alas, I doubt that can occur in time for the special election.


Tiny Lister…the President of the Federated Planets!!!


I disagree, and i know you made that comment in jest but still i find issue with the comment so i apologize if it comes off as too critical. While they are factually convicted criminals in most instances they were shoe-horned into convictions due to over-aggressive policies that specifically targeted minorities, make money off their incarcerations, and also displace them from the work force and eliminate their vote. This is not too far from framing someone for a crime and taking everything away from them, and then blaming them for being a criminal.


So you do actually agree.


That their circumstances were manufactured? Yes.


That’s why I wrote “convicted criminals” instead of “people who committed terrible crimes.”

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