Mass shooting holds up laws loosening gun laws still further

Mass shooting ruins Missouri Republicans’ gun plans

by Walter Einenkel – Monday, February 19, 2024 at 7:19:28a PST

Gun lovers in Missouri are sad face emoji today as conservative state lawmakers have decided to scrap two new gun laws they were planning on moving through the legislature. Unfortunately for Second Amendment fetishists, plans for moving to debate the bills have faltered after Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City, which left one woman dead and at least 22 others injured.

The two bills that got scuttled, HB 2291 and HB 1708, were real doozies. The first would have exempted sales tax on ammunition and gun purchases, making Missouri the first state in the union to tax food but not guns. A real highwater mark of conservative public health policy. The second law would have allowed firearms to be carried inside places of worship and on public transit.

Keeping in mind that Missouri already has some of the loosest gun laws in the whole loose gun laws country; hence their high rate of gun deaths. Such a pity when terrible anti-social legislation is held up by the results of passing previous terrible anti-social legislation -sigh-


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