Massive 19th century cat painting sold for $826,000


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I bet that house still smells like cat piss.


And that, dear readers, is the TRUE story of how the internet was created.


My mum once sent me a birthday card with this or a very similar picture on the front. I was most displeased when I discovered one of our cats had knocked it over in the night and piddled on it in protest. I sure hope that didn’t occur during the actual painting though, or perhaps it did and that’s why there’s “only” 42 cats in the finished version.


Another milestone: The first close-up in a film was a “cat video”, The Sick Kitten, in 1901…


Well it’s the world’s largest painting of cats for now. Next week I unveil my latest work, Big Damn Cat Picture. It’s bigger. I expect about a million.


I am disappointed by the absence of superimposed text in a sansserif font, misspelled and agrammatical as if the cats were saying it.

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