Giant cat sofa


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Maybe it’s just the lumpy, rough-finished nature of the object, but that picture is vaguely terrifying for some reason.


(No obvious comment link on the BB item?)

Wish they’d shown the large cat with some humans for scale. I don’t think it’d fit in my living room, but I like the concept.

(I just want a cat large enough that I can use it as a pillow as well as vice versa. If they ever solve the endocrinology of breeding cheetahs in captivity , that would do it.)

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That cat isn’t lazing out, it got trapped in the room, lay down in the corner when the oxygen finally started to run out, and has since been substantially mummified by the dry conditions…

I don’t know exactly what the cues are; but it just screams ‘dead, not sleeping’, and has the same sort of slightly-misshapen-and-missing-surface-detail aspect that certain sorts of mummies do have, especially the ones wrapped in a linen shroud and dessicated.


Someone should do something about that poor kitty’s broken front leg.


I smell cat piss

What’s the white ooze?

looks like a dead giant cat sofa, perhaps run over my a plush truck


Do I yell at my cat for clawing it?

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nice share gan

Halfbakery: Puring Couch?

Looking at it again… I think the legs are the weakest point, from both practicality and elegance points of view. Yes, this is a good nursing-mama-cat or maximum-exposure-to-sunny-spot pose. But a more compact pose, with legs retracted (Sphynx-like) or curled with hind legs brought up to head, would use room space better and would look nicer – and would make a better and more believable lounging surface. It would be a somewhat more complicated soft-sculpture, admittedly; more curves and tucks… but if it can be done in a 12" toy it can be done on this scale.

The head, likewise, isn’t great – again, I’ve seen a lot of toys which have done it better. Admittedly the toys aren’t fighting gravity as badly, but still…

Harry, one of my cats, says to tell you “mwuh”. He’s got a point.


I tend to avoid things that look like road kills. Curling up on that thing and reading Stephen Kings “Pet Sematary” really wouldn’t work for me.

Yeah, I like the idea, but the execution is kind of freaking weird.

lol omg. The cat couch was kind of weird, but you’ve managed to compare it to a whole other level of freaky haha

Needs more legs.

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