Massive amount of pasta mysteriously turned up in New Jersey woods (video)

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Deja Boing?


Some of us are willing to accept this as a sign of god.



Hey look! It’s a lunchtime post!

The Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef - Spaghetti on Make a GIF


Yeah, but was there video before? It makes all the difference (especially for all us FSM adherents).


I’m also seeing a lot of invasive garlic mustard.

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“It’s still under investigation,” so all the real crimes have been solved?

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I got sucked into a YouTube shorts black hole a few weeks ago and the content that I was blessed with was a man who had decided to make pasta but every day, doubling the number of egg yolks (and thus batch size). He boasted of planning to do it for one month.

By the end of the first week he was donating to area soup kitchens. Local farmers caught wind and were donating more and more eggs. Bakeries were donating flour. He moved into a commercial kitchen the next day. Two weeks in and he was openly weeping on camera. The food banks were begging him to stop bringing pasta. The project had completely consumed him within days. He had decided to put his fate in the hands of the audience: “Smash that like and subscribe and I’ll keep going if you want me to, but please, please spare me”

And then the algorithm stopped recommending those videos to me.

If I were the police, I’d be careful with the crime scene. There’s a YouTuber buried under those twelve tonnes of starch.


They really, really need to teach numerical literacy. This would be too much if you started with one strand of spaghetti, never mind a full batch.

If done for 30 days, starting with one strand of spaghetti, the total for the month is almost 9.1/2 THOUSAND tons. He wouldn’t have needed a commercial kitchen, he’d have needed a factory.


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