Massive Cincinnati nudist resort closing down after nearly 50 years


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I don’t want my hiney to get sunburned.


plan to build a nudist adventure park complete with zip lines

Please also include a dedicated nude pogo-sticking area.


"It’s a completely different economy now than it used to be back in the 70s and 80s when both parents weren’t always working,’’ he said. “Now, it’s hard for families to schedule a time to utilize the place, which has limited new members.”

Millennials are killing nudity, amirite?


*imagining myself zip-lining naked *


A nudist friend of the family gave me some very good advice once.

"There are two things you don’t talk about at a nudist camp:

Politics and religion."


I understand. But five homes on 34 acres?? Does not compute!


Call me a traditionalist, but I just don’t think a nude solstice ritual is the same without a few chants in honor of the Earth Goddess.


Different kind of manbuns.


Reminds me of a joke

Two nudists sitting on a patio. The first says to the other, “Have you read Marx?” The other replies “Yes, I think they’re from the wicker chairs.”


What were they to do?

The amenities were bare bones, the restaurant a hole in the wall, and the investors all pulled out earlier then expected…



Expect to see them here soon after completion:


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