Massive mid-century pin-ups, pulps, and illustration auction



“In-ups?” Sounds intriguing.

"I’m up in your in-up!

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What is happening in that Addams Family cartoon?

It appears the Uncle Fester is keeping their yard clean by filing their fence to razor-sharp points.

A perfect situation for that (Click to) “Read the rest” link thingy. Not just because it’s mildly NSFW, but because it’s a gallery. Cool stuff though!


There are some fantastic pieces in that auction. Not just the ‘good stuff’ that @frauenfelder picked to share, but the romance and western novel covers (they couldn’t be anything else) are treasures as well. Some of those are still affordable, though I bet over the next three weeks many will not be.
Currently $1.00:

I didn’t take nearly enough time to peruse the collection! Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy work, some ‘curvy pinups’ I wish could afford. Political cartoons… something for almost everyone in this collection!


Oh dear. The art for A Spell for Chameleon

Ohmigod, a Steiglitz!

Fifteen hundred dollars… cut to wife strangling me.


Oh man all way out of my spending range… I would love a Chas Addams one though.
Edit oh so so want the Simon Bisley sea monster one.

I thought something similar today after scrolling through the gallery of 60s C&W videos (it’s been changed to a Read the rest link now). I sincerely enjoy most of the content on this site but I sometimes find the galleries to be slightly excessive.

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