Massive star 100 times larger than the sun mysteriously disappears


Yeah, you should make one.

Hellstar Remina ate it.

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Wait, is this a mystery? Maybe I’m out of date, but here’s what I learned a while ago: If a star is supermassive, the core will collapse into a black hole post-haste and the rest of the star should follow suit, hypothetically.

A supernova happens because there’s a remnant (a bunch of neutrons) that resists collapse… the infalling matter from outside the core compresses this remnant, the remnant resists collapse and the matter falling in bounces off, sending a shockwave through the rest of the stuff falling in => supernova. It’s possible this remnant collapses into a black hole if the pressure is great enough or survives as a neutron star.

But if the core is big enough, there’s no remnant, it should just collapse into a black hole… the rest of the star would just fall into it and, since there’s nothing to bounce off of, there would be no shockwave, no supernova; it’d just implode and not be there any more.

You have seen that scene from ‘Mars Attacks’, right?


The validity of the Dark Forest Theory increases…

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Nice reference :+1:t2:


The answer to this can be found in The Threshold Series by Peter Clines. :dragon_face: :lizard:

I would expect there would be an accretion disk and associated release of energy.




A lot can happen in fou… ten years.

This entire topic is full of win.

Thank you for collectively brightening our skies at a time where things are looking dimmer by the day…


I see the Culture has decided to go on the offensive against the Idirans…


Boffins baffled as supergiant star just vanishes – either it partially blew itself apart or quietly turned into a black hole

They believe there are two possible explanations behind the star’s disappearance. The boring answer is that, well, it has simply transformed into a dimmer star due to matter loss that’s causing it to be obscured by dust. Or, perhaps, the giant star has collapsed into a black hole without go supernova first, which sounds fantastic but isn’t unknown.


Did anyone think to look behind the cushions on the sofa? It,s amazing what you can find back there sometimes - enough loose coins for a happy meal, that vital lego piece, lost jigsaw pieces, super massive stars …


The sofa? You wouldn’t believe the stuff that people leave in cars that get handed back at the end of a lease, I’ll be looking for something like this in cars that I deal with in future; it’ll make a nice conversation piece in my lounge…

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Let’s go theological. One or more deities of cosmological scope store(s) memories etc in stars and clusters. As divine senility strikes, those objects disappear, along with divine knowledge. How thoughtless!

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Posit: our universe is just the science project of a middle school pupil from a higher dimension, and the darn kid got bored with it and doesn’t maintain it properly.

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