Master ventriloquist Jay Johnson shares the charming tale of his Mickey Mouse watch collection


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Long time ago, I really wanted a Mickey Mouse pocket watch, for the perfect juxtaposition of serious and silly.


The original article does not provide a picture of the gentleman’s watch collection, shame really.

You Monster

If you’re rocking a pocket watch tho, Mickey Mouse is the serious part.


Not sure i agree. I’ve known a few people that kept pocket watches for a variety of practical reasons. Usually to do with their profession and not being able to check the time on a phone and the pocket watch being able to be stashed and out of the way (wrist watches can get caught or hit against things).

Also knew someone in college that went to class in very nice 3 piece suits and had a few nice pocket watches. He was a pretty cool guy :slight_smile:


I wanted one simply for the sartorial elegance, rather than any practical reason.


Three piece suits are tricky - it’s very hard to pull off a vest. Throw in a pocket watch and you’re verging dangerously close to Mr. Peanut territory.


My first “watch” was an elastic band with a watch face and Mickey drawn on my by my mom.


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