Masters and Apprentices: a fantastic new promo for 'Star Wars: Ahsoka'

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Yoda’s “Always two there are, no more and no less” line about the Sith really doesn’t make any sense in retrospect now that we know the whole dang galaxy seems to be crawling with baddies carrying red lightsabers. Heck, in Episode IX there was a whole amphitheater full of Sith.

Rob Base and DJ Ez Rock beg to differ.


it can maybe be retcon’d into meaning there’s always pairs. or possibly, not all darkside force users are sith.

in rebels* there’s several mentions of how – to open the jedi temple, etc. – there have to be a master and apprentice. but certainly there were once a lot more jedi then two.

(* i just finished watching rebels for the first time. both because ahsoka, and based on what people on the bbs have said about it. it was really enjoyable. way better than it had any right to be given how hit or miss the live action has been. now i am ready for some live action chopper :tada: )


Still kind of a sloppy retcon since Yoda’s comment was in response to the open question of how extensive a threat the Jedi were dealing with.

what you’re saying is true… from a certain point of view :wink:


Berrrr bupbup bup.

I always forget that Biz Markie is in that video…

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