Matt Furie celebrated yesterday's Free Comic Book Day by killing off Pepe the Frog


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I really feel for Furie – it’s hard to imagine a shittier fate for one’s lovable creation that for it to be transformed into a symbol used by the worst people on the internet to harass and terrorize people.

Emphasis mine.

Living in Berkeley, I can tell you most emphatically that they are not just “on the internet”. These Nazis have decided to make an example of Berkeley, and have gathered in the park a few blocks from my house several times in the past weeks. They come from far and wide to spew hate and provoke confrontation. They come armed and hoping they get a chance to use their weapons.

So I’d say they’re the worst people “off the internet” too.


“Free Comic Book Day” and no comic attached…
There it is.

“Pepe the Frog: To Sleep, Perchance to Meme” from 2016
"Pepe: An Explainer", two month ago. NSFW!


R. Crumb killed off Fritz the Cat in a similar fashion but that was in response to his creation being appropriated by corporate interests (and bad movie adaptations) rather than literal fascists.


I think he reads Boing Boing.


Right? Thanks for the link; that was really frustrating.


Sounds like it’s time for the Berkeley PD to head to your local park and do some spontaneous “search and frisk” searches on the basis of a complaint of a concealed weapons charge.

Or are the Berkeley PD alt-right sympathizers?


BPD established a perimeter around the park and confiscated a lot of crap. Even the white supremacist jerks weren’t stupid enough to show up with firearms. But there was a lot of pepper spray and “flag poles” and other borderline stuff.


I wonder what alt-right yell at the police if they take away their flagpoles, “Fascist!”?


The reason why Pepe had to die?

It’s so that Macron could eat Pepe’s legs for his celebration dinner

  1. Pepe dies
  2. LePen loses
    Is ‘Kek magick’ now inefficient??



Perhaps, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than absurdity from the alt-right.


The English Defence League?


The neo-nazis?


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