Mattel finally made a "tech Barbie" that isn't terrible!

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Where’s all the angry Star Wars bros?


Programming is hard! Lets go shopping!

Opposite of that… more like “let’s build robots” Barbie.


Now all Mattel needs to do is get rid of the doll and just encourage girls to build robots.

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Well that attempt at riffing on an old meme fell flat.
Seriously though I think this is awesome.


I would play with that Barbie!


Derp! Blame me for not thinking straight!

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Was Mattel spying on me? Seriously, were they? I own almost everything in this outfit, including robot and lab glasses. I’m going to have to make a matching t-shirt and see if anyone gets the joke.


I don’t care about Barbie. Where can I get that lamp?

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Let’s not forget 2016’s Game Developer Barbie! I saw one in a store once and I regret not buying it!

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I believe that 1982 Teen Pregnancy Midge was never produced, (though a 2003 pregnant Midge was released by Mattel.)
I was a serious doll collector and researcher for many years, and I never heard of this doll, and all images of the supposed 1982 doll are actually of Judith, the Mommy- to- Be doll released by Judith Corporation in 1991. Judith was the first pregnant fashion doll that was widely available in the U.S., while Susy (made in Hong Kong for the Swedish market) and Steffi Love (from Simba Toys in Germany) were other 1990s pregnant fashion dolls. Midge always had red hair so she wouldn’t be confused with blonde Barbie, and many of the other dolls, clothes, and accessories photographed with the blonde pregnant doll are way newer than 1982.


No female game designers I knew ever dressed like this, not that there were ever very many. They were an incredibly diverse crowd, running from heavily tattooed former band groupie, to goth porn star, french fashionista, farmworker denim, autistic manga, to pastel housewife. I personally liked the plaid pj’s and bunny slipper look myself. I can see how Mattel might have trouble coming up with one cohesive look from that crowd.

You must be part of a fun crowd because I know exactly 0 game developers.

I’m sure you must know all of them.

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