Crazy and amazing unofficial Barbie fashions from the 1970s

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Better put an ® after Barbie® or Mattel will be all over you.

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@pesco it’s pretty neat, but any particular reason you’re posting to the “dizzy” category instead of the main page?

Such chubby little faces they had!


Nothing can compare to the official limited edition Barbie of “The Birds”

I like how she’s just maintaining composure there…rather non-plussed about it…like “oh well bother”.


Big shoulders, tiny head! The second one is adorable, in a mutant kind of way.

The man-doll at the bottom of the book cover was quite clearly modelled on Richard Gere!

Actually, you are not required to do that. Mattel is, to protect their mark. They may require their licensors to do that too. But referring to a trademark in text only requires using the form correctly (i.e., with capitals, etc.). If you were using the word ‘barbie’ as a generic term for ‘doll’, they might complain, but all they can do is complain. Here ‘Barbie knockoff’ is pretty clear.

Well, the clothes seem true to what I remember from the movie. And there’s nothing wrong with Hedren’s costume.

I’m guessing official Barbie fashions were also pretty groovy?

I think it got changed when the title was edited.

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