Mattel's latest Barbie is 70s Stevie Nicks

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70s? That’s still her look today. And a great look it is.


But what—no top hat?!

Hbo No GIF by Silicon Valley

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To me it looks more like Britney Spears from years ago.

I mean the real people look similar don’t they though? I never thought about that until people started talking about the doll looking more like Brittany Spears.

This may be hard for some to hear but despite their differences in age, fashion, and musical genres, Brittany and Stevie are both stars of popular music who have similar hair colors, eye and skin colors, a similar length of nose and a similar distance between their eyes. We’ve all seen pictures of both their faces in different contexts, and we’ve seen both of them change with age and makeup, but I think their faces probably have more in common than not… at least more than people might imagine especially when only looking at their height-of-fame photos.

A plastic doll whose face was made to vaguely resemble either of them in their youth while retaining doll-like cuteness is going to look like both and neither Brittany and Stevie maybe? Especially since the painted-on doll eyes might remind people more of the heavy eyeliner and false lashes Brittany Spears tends to wear. I wonder if it could have been better if they had even just used a lighter color on the eye lines.

The more I look at it though the more I think they didn’t do Nicks justice on the fashion. I think the fabric texture isn’t there so it doesn’t feel edgy or quirky or boho the way her real costumes do.

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Only if it comes with the “Stevie Nicks Burrito Roundup” playset.



That video is from just a couple months ago. She sounds great. Love how she has the mic stand adorned too. But that song makes me miss Tom.


My sister was at the show in Sunday in the Garden where this was announced. It sold out almost immediately.

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Like, physically? Or do they mean collect 'em all?

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How does Celine Dion feel about this?

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