What famous person do you look like?


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When people bump in to Hugh Jackman, they tell him he looks like me.



I feel like we’ve played this game.


A girl once broke my heart when shetold me I looked like Jim Belushi. And that was decades before I was given even more reason to dislike him.


I’m koi about my doppelgangers.


Your comment sounds a little fishy to me.


I get “you look like Dennis Hopper” a lot, I don’t see it, but for the life of me it happens often.


A paler Jennifer Walters…


Alright I’ll be honest. This morning I have a striking resemblance to Gary busy.


Holy mole, I’ve wanted to do this for years.


Let me get you a Heineken.


although it doesn’t happen more than 3 or 4 times a year, i do get people who say to me when they see me for the first time, “i thought jerry garcia was dead.”


Roger That!


So I take it that Jerry Garcia is… ahemstill truckin’?


i’ll never tell :wink:


A: “I may look like a rotting corpse to you, but I actually feel pretty good today.”


I forgot! Someone did once compare me to a “young Jerry Garcia” and there seemed to be some accord with the others present. But then my best friend said no, and so did my girlfriend… But I kind of see it.


I’ve always wanted Bruce Willis to play me in my biopic.

A couple of friends always claimed I looked like Jamie Hyneman, mostly because the comparison annoyed me. We have superficially similar beards and hats. We both have glasses and moustaches, though they’re not much alike. We’re both white (though in my case, sort of red and splotchy), and neither of us is horribly disfigured. And that’s where the similarity ends.

According to FacePlusPlus I look like a bunch of Chinese actors I’ve never heard of, plus Will Smith. (I sort of look a little like one of the Chinese guys, if you are very drunk.)


I used to get Frankie Muniz a lot. Both he and I have gone significantly downhill since then, but in different directions.

No one has compared me to a celebrity for a long time, I guess I don’t have the kind of face that’s allowed on TV.


I used to get David Letterman a lot, back in the 80s (EDIT: because of the gap in my teeth, or similar hair at the time, or both). One person told me I looked like Cameron Dye (more specifically, the “Fred” character he played in Valley Girl); another said JFK, Jr. (I was very flattered, but did not see it).