Twin strangers from Ireland and Sweden meet


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I’ve seen ads for this site, or one like it, which prompts me to wonder who is compiling a database of face data?

Also, these women look very much like professional models, including poses and photo composition. It’s not possible this is another stealth promotion, is it?


I found my doppelganger, but he is already famous.


Oh it’s definitely a promotional video.

Maybe it’s just me, but “you look exactly like this other person!” is an interesting phenomenon, but it’s not like I’d want to go say hi or anything. More makes me want to do biological experiments and look at genomics and analyze mate selection of homo sapiens.


I think that’s just straight up “regular promotion.” The website produced that video so they doubtlessly paid for professional makeup and photography services.


My spouse would very much like to meet you, but I bet you hear that all the time.


If I met somebody that looked just like me, I’d be like, “Hey you’re hot, wanna make out?”


It is a tough burden to bear, but it is on my majestic Hammly–i mean manly shoulders to carry.


What a great idea for a book…


I notice all the examples are women, on whom a cosmetic makeover to exaggerate the similarities and de-emphasize the differences would be most effective.


I met my doppelganger once, but as they say, “there can be only one!”…


Do they look the same without all that crap on their faces?


Could they possibly have the same plastic surgeons?


Collagen upper lip injections should’ve died in a fire a decade ago. Rarely looks like anything other than completely ridiculous.


Says the nice person with the Patsy avatar… :slight_smile:


IRL Edith is all natural, thankyouverymuch.

And I did say “ridiculous.” :wink:


There was a low-budget netflix documentary about a pair of actual twins that crazily met thanks to Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Weirdly, there’s a sub-narrative that often goes unexplored in these types of docs. A 900lb. gorilla in the room, so to speak. “Burt’s Buzz” was similar in that regard as well.


All bleached blonde women with long hair (‘those people’) look kind of alike to me anyhow - we’re swamped with them in SoCal.

I wonder how much the duckface helps.


Heh…“fist time”.


Boy, does this raise some uncomfortable questions. Like, if I met my doppleganger and he was gay (whilst I am straight), and asked if I wanted to make out. . . I dunno, what happens if I do it, like it, and find out that a small portion of myself is gay for, er, myself?