Who's your celebrity doppelganger?


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I’ve been told more than once that I look like Natalie Merchant. Passing, at best, IMO. (Hair’s not that dark, eyes aren’t that dark, nose isn’t that wide, etc., looking at recent pics, I’m aging way slower)

@japhroaig has shared a few on the other thread, anyone else have a famous doppelganger?

What famous person do you look like?
Twin strangers from Ireland and Sweden meet

As I already stated K.D. Lang which I found odd considering I am not quite equipped the same…
But it was this photo in particular and I guess it was sorta kinda close.

Also I used to get told I look like Robin Williams and I just could never grok that one.


Well, I certainly don’t look like slim shady anymore. And I’d like to look like John Hamm, but that ain’t happening till we both get really old.

Reverse Google image search pairs me up with Michael Emerson (from Lost, Person of Interest).

But my hair is much more John Hamm, and I’m about a foot taller.

(Also he weighs less than I do)


Disappointed that this isn’t a link to a website that collects photos of people, providing random photos of celebrities in return.

Anyway. I’ve been compared to Richard Hammond and James McAvoy. Presumably because I’m a shortarse Brit.


This one person at work keeps saying that I look like Kiefer Sutherland.

I don’t see it, myself.



Or this?

Or this?


The hair never got quite as long as #3, thankfully.


Mike tempesta of Powerman 5000, without the beady eyes.


The guys that I grew up with and I are pretty good matches for these three (when viewed at a distance)… After the movie came out everybody started referring to us as the 3 Amigos.

With me being little Ned.


I’ve been told Edward Norton and Kyle MacLachlan a few times in my life. I’m not seeing it though.


It was one of those times you walk out of a movie with friends, and your wife goes “hey, you look just like …” and all your friends are like nodding and saying yeah you do, and then they’re talking about it and you’re like wtf?! and then other people are looking and pointing and you’re in the middle of London on Haymarket and 30 people are looking at you and your wife is laughing saying you really do look like him and people expect god knows what and I’d never made the comparison and just wondered wtf was going on.

But this I did get:

And didn’t argue with - I used to get asked for autographs in the airport. Like 6 times.

And then when you combine the two, you did sort of get me at that sort of age.

(Not any more!!!)


Mine. I must point out, however, that RatWoman in no way resembles Fiona. Maybe a little but I didn’t say that


I tried this site:
I got

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Jang Dong Gun
  3. Justin Timberlake
  4. Brad Pitt
  5. Dustin Hoffman
  6. Christian Bale
  7. Nicky Wu
  8. Dustin Hoffman

#7, Nicky Wu, the Chinese dude is probably the closest…
Perhaps if they were morphed into one person - Pitt with Hoffman’s nose, Bale’s face shape, and Wu’s softer1 features? (I should have used the pic that got me mostly David Beckham matches – I assume that they have entered a limited database of white-dude celebrities)

My wife occasionally says that I look like Simon Baker – I don’t really see it.

The only person that I recall more than one stranger mention is Eddie Vedder (back when I would get one or two haircuts a year whether I needed it or not)…
There are probably a lot old pics of me that are pretty close to this one:

1I always insist that I am ruggedly handsome, but the wife doesn’t buy it.

Researchers trick facial recognition systems with facial features printed on big glasses

I forgot the one universally cited by those who knew young Cary…
The doppelganger of my avatar:



According to that website…

Meng Fei.

Who is only really known to Chinese and Australians.
I’ll take it as a compliment, I think.


I also look like Dustin Hoffman.

Wait, now David Beckham.

And lots of Chinese people!


That’s odd. Even with a relatively low res pic with my head at a 45 degree angle (-32.28 according to the stats), it had no problem – it matched me mostly to David Beckham, but I don’t consider that a problem.


Except I wear glasses.
And have no freckles.
And don’t have bangs.
And my hair isn’t quite so red.
Plus my hair is way longer.
And I wore braces as a kid, so my teefs aren’t that crooked.

So, uhhhhh… yeah. Perfect likeness otherwise.


…wait … the one on the left, or the one on the right?

Just, like, the name … you see?