Meet the most popular straight woman on OKCupid


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"Let’s talk strategy: " No thanks!


Always? Really? Hrmmm…


Sorry, but what a doooosh. I pray to the Devil that my son never shows up with her for family dinner!


Dunno, pessimists with the right attitude can be fun.


My fedora says I’m classy and my neck beard says I care about grooming.


(laughs) I detect some issues…


The Dapper Dan in my hair says I’m classy. The Bakelite rimmed glasses says I enjoy history. The Van Dyke (not goatee!) says I know what I am talking about.

And the chicken on my shoulder says I have a sense of humor.


Are you the chicken man?



Or maybe one of the Indigo Girls?


I’d fit in well with this group. They’re popular on OKcupid, right? Right…?


Macchu Picchu or go home, mate.


So, what does my picture with the lion I just killed in the African wildlife reserve says about me?


I dunno. Different strokes and all that. There are people who enjoy perpetually dating recreationally. I personally can’t stand it. I was on OKCupid for a spell a while back, and I got plenty of dates… and I hated all of it. The women were all decent folk with one exception, but there was a hamster wheel feel to it that got really old. Eventually, I told myself, “One last date and I’m taking a break from dating.” That date turned out to be my current girlfriend. So the net result was positive, but I it doesn’t take long for me to get tired of dating around. Some of the dates who became Facebook friends on the other hand, seem to really enjoy it.


First, are you a dentist?


“Serial Daters” give me the creeps, even when I was young and out on the town I felt it was just bad juu juu.


Can we meet in the middle and I’ll post a picture of me in front of the world’s largest ball of twine?


What are you wearing?


Only my furs, you minx.