Trump says he looked like Elvis


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Yeah, many people are already saying that.

Dude is delusional as FUCK.

Elvis, in his heyday - full face shot, not a freakin’ profile or 3/4 view:

45 in his heyday:

Even if you go all the way back to his teen/young adult years, when 45 arguably looked “his best”:





More proof that Trump is utterly incapable of opining on literally any subject without making it about himself.


I was thinking, maybe when Elvis was bloated and all drugged out, right before the end… but even then he’s still more physically attractive than 45 was, in his very “prime.”



Yeah. There are no photos of Trump I do not kinda want to punch.

But man. Elvis was pretty.


He looks like the three foot turd Elvis left in the bowl when he died.


Obligs, especially since I just rewatched it over the weekend:


I’m pretty damn sure ‘Clarence Worley’ would vehemently disagree about any alleged similarity in appearance…


He does (did), minus all the talent and charm.


Of course he does. If you put the wax statue of Elvis in the microwave.


I don’t know- I can kinda see the resemblance…


My mom agrees with that (to the annoyance of my father), but – then again – she was just as open about Charles Bronson and (Mets rightfielder) Ron Swoboda.


Ain’t nobody want to see that shake his hips.


I’m sorry, but this does NOT look like Elvis.



Here’s what might brighten up this thread…

… or maybe I just like this song.


Not even.

Thin, rubbery lips vs full lips (for White folks, anyway.)

Hooded, shifty eyes vs ‘bedroom’ baby blues.

An early double chin vs a strong jawline (until the drugs took their toll…)

The only even remote similarity I see as an artist is in the shape of the nose, from the frontal view.


They’ve both got their mouths hanging open.

Are they codfish?


That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in a long time… but it’s only fitting since it’s about Trump. So, okay.


I’m guessing he meant Elvis Schmiedekamp, former Cal Fed Vice President of Customer Relations.


I won’t decide until I hear him singing “Jailhouse Rock” with the Paul Manafort Band.