96-year-old style icon Iris Apfel gets her own Barbie

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I assume she was a real-life inspiration for Edna Mode’s character?


I thought Edna Mode was based on Anna Wintour.

It looks like they used Apfel’s glasses and Wintour’s haircut.

I was thinking more or Wintour’s infamously chilly and demanding demeanor. My impression is that Apfel is quite a nice person!

Yes, I’m sure Wintour was definitely a primary inspiration too.

I’m not saying any of you are wrong, but… linda

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Has to be Edith Head. Not only was she a famous fashion designer for Hollywood (worked a boatload of Hitchcock films), but was contemporaneous with the time portrayed in ‘The Incredibles’.



So they’re ripping off Wu-Tang’s idea?

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Maybe an amalgam of the two.

Regarding @Tamsin_Bailey’s observation about Linda Hunt I do agree that’s probably not a coincidence, but I think it’s more likely that Linda Hunt’s character on NCIS was inspired by Edna Mode than it is that Edna Mode was inspired by Linda Hunt. (As far as I can tell none of Hunt’s previous roles had her looking or acting so much like Edna.)


Somehow I’m thinking that its a geriatric Barbie has something to do with only one doll being produced.

But maybe I’m just cynical…

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Could be, or it could have been her idea, I guess?

Well, don’t we have good reason to be cynical? :wink:

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True enough.


I could easily be wrong; for all I know it may be their policy to make one of a kind dolls for celebs that aren’t available for purchase.

The first thing that came to mind was the Zendaya-on-the-red-carpet doll, and a cursory query provided no viable results as to whether that doll was mass produced or not.

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Concur. Eight (!) Acadamy Awards say it’s Edith.

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