Maximum Edits

In the past week I’ve suddenly been hitting a limit on maximum number of edits that gives me a notice that edits are turned off for 15+ hours. Has a change been made in this regard to Discourse?

For context, I do a lot of copy edits on my comments, and also frequently add in additional info and links as they comes to mind to improve the quality of the comment. I don’t substantially alter a comment’s underlying thrust, especially after it’s been replied to, without a clear “ETA” signal or strikethrough.


zero edits

one edit

two edits

three edits

four edits

five edits

six edits

seven edits

eight edits

nine edits

ten edits

eleven edits

twelve edits

thirteen edits

fourteen edits

fifteen edits

sixteen edits

seventeen edits

eighteen edits

nineteen edits

twenty edits

twenty-one edits

twenty-two edits

twenty-three edits

twenty-four edits

twenty-five edits

twenty-six edits

twenty-seven edits

twenty-eight edits

twenty-nine edits

thirty edits

thirty-one edits

thirty-two edits

thirty-three edits

thirty-four edits

thirty-five edits

thirty-six edits

thirty-seven edits

thirty-eight edits

thirty-nine edits

forty edits

forty-one edits

forty-two edits

forty-three edits

forty-four edits

forty-five edits

forty-six edits

forty-seven edits

forty-eight edits

forty-nine edits

fifty edits

fifty-one edits

fifty-two edits

fifty-three edits

fifty-four edits

fifty-five edits

fifty-six edits

fifty-seven edits

fifty-eight edits

fifty-nine edits

sixty edits

sixty-one edits

sixty-two edits

sixty-three edits

sixty-four edits

sixty-five edits

sixty-six edits

sixty-seven edits

sixty-eight edits

sixty-nine edits

seventy edits

seventy-one edits

seventy-two edits

seventy-three edits

seventy-four edits

seventy-five edits

seventy-six edits

seventy-seven edits

seventy-eight edits

seventy-nine edits

eighty edits

eighty-one edits

eighty-two edits

eighty-three edits

eighty-four edits

eighty-five edits

eighty-six edits

eighty-seven edits

eighty-eight edits

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Maybe it’s just me getting the notice. I’m probably unusual in that I do multiple edits on a lot of comments, not just one. But the notices only started appearing in the last week.

Also, the icon showing that a comment is edited is time-based. Apparently there’s a grace period.


I edit everything several times, and I’m always trying to get edits in before the five-minute mark

Never got a timeout for doing too many


I often edit after the grace period. The recent notices have been somewhat erratic, and the 15-hour window announced doesn’t end up being nearly that long in reality (I’ll get the notice, forget about it, and a few hours later it’s “oh, it took my edit”). Maybe it’s a glitch.


The “grace” period for edits is based on not just time, but also volume of the edit - obviously if a comment is substantially edited after posting, folks should probably know.

It’s also important to ensure people don’t “rewrite history” by editing posts long after a discussion has moved past them, so there is a limit to how long a post can be edited for in general.

The maximum time period for making edits has been discussed in the scope of a new kind of spammer: One that posts an innocuous comment, then comes back days later and edits it to a spam comment. The discussion has been over on Discourse Meta if you’d like to follow it:


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