Reply limits just mean people edit/update posts

It’s a mindfuck.

Mostly trying to limit damage new users do to topics by over-replying. Can you point to a recent example? I am curious.

Also possible to set the value higher than 3 if desired via admin settings.

This definitely sounds bad (timewarp editing, etc), I just need to see some real live examples of it to understand. Anyone?

Sorry, I forgot where it was. If it crops up again, I’ll be back!

Customarily, if one adds more content to a post they should mark it “ETA”.

Here’s a data point, but not quite the same thing: someone thinking they got banned, when they were just reply-limited: Portrait of a failing state: Canadian government’s worst moments of 2013

I quite like the idea, though. Maybe it’s just a matter of presentation or somesuch.

I feel like reply limiting should include edit limiting, as well, but that’s just a hunch.

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Ah, the perennial siren call of FREEDOMMMMM

The actual UI for this is … pretty clear I thought?

There is an invitation to edit previous posts which could indeed be problematic depending on the specific user and circumstances. Timewarp edits (editing in “replies” to later posts, so the chronology of the topic is effectively broken) could indeed be, as @beschizza so aptly put it, a mindfuck.

Ok, yeah, I guess that poster is having a laugh.

There is also the “users don’t read anything you put on the screen” issue. I’m actually… not joking.

We do our best to keep copy short and “just in time” but… y’know…

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