May The Farce be with you! Mad magazine's 1978 Star Wars parody


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A delay of only 7 months between the movie and the parody was practically light-speed for Mad Magazine at the time.


At least half of those names belong in a porn parody


My mom used to buy me discards of Mad for a nickel each at the Half-Price bookstore.

I remember reading this issue and specifically this parody, but I’ve never seen the front cover before.


Like doing the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.


I think I have that issue in my house somewhere.


IIRC, they were working on a generic space movie parody at the time, and they re-wrote it into the star wars parody. I expect that the 7 months was the lag with publishing.

(This is based on a remembered reading of “Good days and MAD”, Dick DeBartolo’s memoir of the days working with Bill Gaines- I have the book at home and I’ll post an update if I’m wrong. :slight_smile: ) Also amusing is that (again, IIRC) Lucas’s lawyers sent a C&D to MAD magazine over this parody. Gaine’s response was to send them a copy of the letter the Lucas himself wrote to Gaines with a message in the margins saying “Gee, your boss liked it!” which ended the matter.


May The Farce be with you!


Ohio State University’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is featuring a MAD magazine retrospective now through October


Look, Luke! Light!


The cover dates were typically set two months in the future from the actual publication and release date, so the magazine would have hit the newsstands in November of 1977. (The first issue of MAD hit the stand in August 1952 with a cover date of October–November.)

That five-month interval actually was a respectable turnaround given that no one knew just how big Star Wars would become when it was first released, and MAD already had their stories lined-up and in the works months ahead of their release dates.



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