MAD Magazine gets a reboot

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Some years ago I was pleased to discover that Mad hadn’t lost its zing when I saw a spoof about Marilyn Hanson.


My brothers and I had that issue!

Egad, look at the price hike from inflation.

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Straight CPI inflation would bring the price up only to about $1 from 1952. I do wonder how they made money then.

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We were recently subscribed for years until I let it lapse for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It is still fantastic in so many ways and some of the recurring gags are surprisingly in touch with the times. I hope they keep the magic going in LA…

By the way, this is my favorite recent cover, hands-down.



Extra :heart:️ For the “Donald’s World” spoof.


Whether one is a MAD fan or not, the Wyeth rip-off is satirical genius.


When the WH is populated by personas which do their own parody on a daily bases in all seriousness, what function does satire have?

This is a serious question, BTW, which made me kill several years on my twitter timeline and give away my account to someone who legitimately had the right to use it. Which they still don’t. Which is worrying, since this means that FFF, even professional satirist are out of their depths.

Kudos, maybe, therefore, to the honourable folks who reboot Mad. They must be mad. And I’m not mad that they try this. I’m just wondering.

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I’ve seen the question posed before, specifically in regards to The Onion. Is biting satire effective when reality is indistinguishable from satire/parody? The answer varies, but in my opinion humor is an effective way to talk honestly and truthfully about the world around us. Specifically when talking about difficult or unsavory topics like politics.

MAD Magazine reboot being successful is entirely up to them, but i think there’s definitely a place for that brand of humor. The day we stop trying to find the humor in something is the day you should truly worry.

Also, people in power with egos hate being made fun of. If anything that’s the best excuse for MAD to succeed.


I happened to resubscribe a few months ago when I saw a Groupon ad offering six months for $6 or some such. I hadn’t read it since probably 1980, but I thought I’d check it out on a lark.

As others have posted, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it hadn’t lost much of its edge (and was firmly, savagely anti-Trump). I got this new issue a few days ago, and I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll probably renew, at least to let my three-year-old see me reading something other than economics and drama theory.

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I still have nearly every Mad magazine printed up through the mid 90s (and a handful of the comics before them). Didn’t realize they were still relevant (at some point they were leaning more to the juvenile side for my liking). I’m going to check out this reboot.

Offered as a service for those keeping track of my whims.

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Nine characters, darn you!

While some things have changed with the times, even modern Mad Magazine kept the same spirit going as it ever had. But I just could NOT get used to seeing it in colour, no matter how much I tried.

IIRC, G B Shaw said something along the lines that if you tell people the truth you’d better make sure they find it funny - because otherwise they’ll slay you.

So, yeah, satire and funny stuff - always a good way to subvert authoritarians and to make a statement.

Nevertheless, nowadays you have to ask whether satire just gives the assholes in charge new ideas for doing something horrible.

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