Inside MAD: MAD editors, creators and celeb fans introduce their favorite MAD comics


Most appropriate still, for today’s climate

Or maybe just one gigantic spy?

I wanted to buy MAD recently, but was amazed to find that they have no digital edition. So I skipped it. Retrospectives are fine, but someone needs to tell them what year it is.

Cory, I don’t think you’re 9 year old self’s impression of Agnew was entirely…inaccurate.

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You would find you have not missed much. Since the death of the founder,t he magazine has slid downhill on well-greased skids.

What was once biting political satire is now childish, vulgar buffoonery and endless double-entendres (that serve no point, I’m not against smut) and what was once masterful art has become mostly the same “post modern”, crap you see in children’s cartoons.

To show the level they have stoped to and how far they have strayed: They now run ads. Real commercial ads.

I stopped reading them as did my wife some years back as it was simply no longer funny and is a pale, lifeless shadow of the great source of satire and parody it once was.

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I think I liked Aragones’ marginals best. Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions was great “Mind if I smoke?” “Why, are you on fire?” is one I’ll always remember.

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