Maybe using butane to extract weed oil isn't the best idea

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At least it’s not meth.


When I was in school, we used to fill balloons with butane and set them on fire. Gives a rapid fireball of about a cubic foot.


Not sure i would mess with hash, the high from pot is ok for me. The only thing i could see myself trying (if pot were ever legal where i’m at) is growing my own plants but that’d be about it.


Yep no need to gild the lily.


So now that it’s legal to buy at the store, people will start making it at home…? Just like after alcohol was legalized, everybody started making bathtub gin.


Sounds like an opportunity for someone to develop and market a safe hash oil extraction kit / machine similar to a Palm Oil extractor.


There is a potential that some people might try to make hash, i think that’s just life. But it definitely sounds like scaremongering… “Next thing you know your kids will be trying cocaine!”.


Don’t give Silicon Valley more ideas…

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I don’t entirely disagree here, but the following examples are all about individuals and their surroundings/personal consumption. I would guess these labs have much more to do with trying to find a new black market niche for dealers now that weed has gone mainatream. a more apt comparison would be exotic financial instruments or data-hungry ad networks trying to out-skeeve their competitors…


I don’t partake much (just not a fan of the stuff) but friends of mine sometimes throw parties where the bongs and such come out. The folks smoking weed are all very mellow and laid back, but the guys who pull out the wax & shatter are generally kinda freaky hard core stoner types who take getting stoned extremely seriously. I’ve learned to avoid them.


Roger That!

Of course folks should be safe, but I think it’s worth pointing out that Canada has a smaller population than California, where medical marijuana has been legal and quite easy to get for years and years. This process of using butane is nothing new. Add in the other states with recreational and/or medical marijuana and you dwarf the Canadian population. If people were actually injuring themselves with legal weed, that’s exactly the thing the anti-pot crowd would scream from the rooftops. After recreational pot was legalized in Colorado, there were a number of less shocking injuries that they propagated which ended up being exaggerated or completely made up. The idea that people in Canada are going to start blowing themselves while extracting THC is just unfounded fear mongering.


Compulsory heroin for five year olds!


The people I know that do that sort of thing stopped using butane at least a year ago. Perhaps due to my gently mocking them (“you’re not getting enough butane off that lighter, you needed more?”) or perhaps from personal safety concerns. They use water, carbon dioxide now, I think? Not sure, honestly, but anyway there are safer methods now.

EDIT: Thanks to @ArcLighter and others for reminding me of what the kids are up to these days :wink:

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I have never tried dabs or shatter or even hash oil, but one friend who is nuts for any kind of high he can get was a bit freaked out by his lone dabs experience, he blacked out and woke up naked somewhere.

One thing I’ve known weed smokers to mention is that the first time they got high remains the “best” or at least most memorable, and they are often trying to get to that point again. My own recommendation is that if you abstain for a few months you can get ridiculously high from just regular good weed and don’t need to risk blowing yourself up or blacking out. Moderation.


The real danger is the popularity of dabbing among kids.


[Abe Simpson impersonation] Back in my day we used the ISO-2 isomerizer. But it’s been discontinued. Now you can get the Super Flower Tower

“It’s is very easy to use, just place up to 4 ounces of your favorite herb in the strainer basket and add grain alcohol, close the unit and plug it in. it’s that simple.”

First weed high i had was really meh, nothing special. And i’m fine with that, i don’t have a need or desire to take stronger stuff.

“If people were actually injuring themselves with legal weed,
that’s exactly the thing the anti-pot crowd would scream from the rooftops.”

I live in Humboldt County (CA).

That is currently the pot growing area in the USA. (Has been for awhile).
People are regularly burning themselves and blowing
up structures with butane hash labs.

Burning/exploding hash labs is a legitimate concern.