Mazzy Star's first LP in 17 years



Beautiful, thank you for sharing.


They’ve also kept the dynamic range intact:

Good for them.

It’s almost as if they stopped recording Among My Swan, stepped out for a quick smoke break without touching one knob or slider, forgot to come back for seventeen years, suddenly thought of a new song, and stepped right back into their undisturbed garage studio.

Not even AC/DC could manage such unbelievable sonic consistency for so long, though God knows they tried.


They’re not really the type of act to engage in pop-style brickwalling, but it’s just nice to see a band release an album that doesn’t sound like a record needle dragged over styrofoam. I see Rush has just contritely remastered their scandalously loud “Vapor Trails” with a bit less limiting, so perhaps awareness of the problem is growing at last.

I must say, though, that Sandoval’s appearance on Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus” is lovely. What a stunning piece of music.

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