Smash Mouth announces new lead singer with a Rickroll

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I like All Star as much as anybody, but sometimes a band does need to just give it up. I think it’s well past that time for Smash Mouth.

Wow. New Smash Mouth singer. Haven’t felt this excited since The Turtles played the Milwaukee County Fair in 1997!


The first Smashmouth album was very good. Even if I haven’t spun it in awhile. I guess the band has to eat, so swapping in a competent singer to play their hits make sense.

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Smashmouth: Hey guys - we got a new lead singer. Here is a new song.

Everyone: I ain’t listening to all that. I’m happy for u tho. Or sorry that happened.

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He sounds just like the last Smash Mouth singer.

Yep. Not long ago I played it for the first time in years and was struck by just what a fun listen it is. (And how ska-like it is). Sure, a few years later All-Star became the permanent touchstone/punchline, but it’s not because the band was untalented.

Also, I suspect All-Star is probably a good pop song, but I just don’t feel motivated to reassess that one.


Yeah I listened to my friends copy of the second album and it didn’t prompt me to buy it.

I still have a fondness for several of the, as you say, fun songs. I think a lot of bands have their best stuff in the first album as they are the most authentic and “fun” - and then if it hits, they have to follow it up and start listening to various producers.

I think my favorite song on that album is Padrino.

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Why is health issues in quotes? I won’t speculate what they could be, both because it would be crass and against community guidelines, but when someone tells me they have physical and mental health issues, I’m not inclined to be dismissive. I’m inclined to encourage them to seek the care they need.

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That’s why some of the best stuff comes from artists who are self-publishing or are working with smaller labels. It’s the big labels that put things like a required number of releases into their contracts that result in bad albums and songs being pushed out before the artists are actually ready to push them out.

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Yep, Padrino remains some goofy good times. Walkin’ on the Sun, back when it was getting heavy radio play, always sounded to me like a song that didn’t quite come from this world. Let’s Rock was a definitely favorite to listen to with friends. And on my recent listening, I finally developed an appreciation for Disconnect the Dots… I like when an edgy band gets a little heartfelt.

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He left the band after an event where he was drunk and doing Nazi salutes. He may have health issues, and I don’t want to make light of that, but the timing was weird enough to raise an eyebrow.

I do recognize that addiction is a valid health issue, even though it wasn’t the one cited with his departure. I don’t want to make light of that possibilty.


I knew about the belligerence, but not the Nazi salutes. Health issues don’t cause someone do that. As I’ve said before, inebriation is a disinhibitor, not a condition that alters who someone is.

Thank you for clarifying and apologies for my ill-informed question.

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No apologies necessary! It was a valid question. If he does have some legitimate health issues that compounded or were compounded by that shitshow, I wouldn’t want to make light of that.

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