McAfee shovelware emits tracking beacons

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…gathering data for targeted advertising. Remember, it used to be that if you weren’t paying for a product, you were the product; but today, even if you pay for the product, you’re still the product.

Being tracked and data-mined by your antivirus software is arguably worse than being tracked and data-mined by the websites you visit, and reasonable people can disagree on whether being tracked and data-mined is inherently bad or even bad at all. But for the record, we don’t pay for BoingBoing, so what does that make us?


So are you disappointed or what?

How many times must I tell you people! BoingBoing can never disappoint! To even suggest it is heresy!

It can only be disappointed by insufficiently grateful produ …er, readers.

Seriously, though, it is okay to mention these things. The world will keep spinning on its axis and tomorrow will bring another day full of links to 3D-printed steampunk ukuleles and heavily discounted VPNs.


Windows 10 has a clean reset feature everyone should use when receiving a new laptop.
Or just upgrade to some flavor of Linux :slight_smile:

Running a new computer without wiping it is insane!

In fact, running a windows 10 computer is a terrible security faux pas in itself

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