McClatchy newspapers' CEO pleased to announce that he's shipping IT jobs overseas


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Well, it all works out then, as I’m sure the McClatchy corporation, and Talamantes himself both happily pay taxes and lobby to support such programs…


MURICA!! Where the CEO tells you that you’ll be training replacements and you can’t do anything about it!!


I wonder if they could save further money by moving the executive roles overseas?


Having lived through many similar IT costcutting measures, I can assure McClatchy and their CEO that you get what you pay for, and that the marketing number the offshoring firm showed them will end up massively overstating the savings.


I’d like to stand in solidarity with my fellow IT professionals, but I don’t know where to begin.


Well, you can quit (and thus cut your period of employment even shorter - that’ll show 'em!).
I know someone who recently found out her job was moving to the opposite coast - although many people were given offers to relocate, she was given the offer of continued employment if she trained her replacement. She quit because of a family emergency (and because she had already found a new, better paying job). Ironically her boss was pissed at her.

You can be sure that would lead to much bigger savings.


My finance related IT job was sent to India in June 2015, a move which was managed by a wall street darling of a company that promised my company they were going to do our job cheaper, faster, with added flexibility, and bring in their own ideas on how to streamline our operations as they have been doing this sort of thing for many other fortune 500s. My department was wiped out from close to 150 employees down to less than 10. (my TAA application should have a ruling by August 2016.)

As of April 2016, less than 12 months later, the outsourcing company wants out of the contract and has begun negotiating the termination.
Also, this same company I worked for went through years of legal actions over a 2005 outsourcing that went poorly- both sides claimed they lost money and it was the fault of the other party. The funny thing is that the courts don’t know how to resolve these kinds of issues either, they just yell at each other for a while until a settlement is reached and the lawyers walk away with a vault of cash.


If I quit I would have sacrificed my 6 months of severance and health insurance, unemployment benefits, and I don’t have the savings to throw away while I looked for a job. Literally hundreds of job applications later (sounds embellished, but it happens pretty quickly when you are desperate for work) and the only few jobs I can get a call back are the $10 an hour type.


Please tell me there’s a family member with a forename Clatchface.


I’m sorry to hear about that–I know the feeling as I did the same thing in (of all times) 2009-2010. I was “overqualified” for every job that I applied for because there were no jobs available in my career field. And all the stupid-ass “job application” forms/systems! Horrible! Poorly programmed java beasts that ran for shit and made the contstant re-submitting of information all the more difficult. “Oh, you’ve got a resume written already? Great! How about you re-enter all of that data in this computer form that shouldn’t take more than two hours, and then scan and submit all of the supporting documentation? Oh…wait…sorry, our system is now down for the next twelve hours…”

Horrible stuff–I hope you find something soon!

Oh, and burying the ‘firing’ notice in the seventh paragraph of that shit-sandwich write-up? There’s a special place in hell for you, pal.


Patrick Talamantes decided he wanted to be captain of the fail boat. It takes a lot of education to become that bone headedly stupid.


Look on the bright side - take solace in knowing you are helping to fight the income gap between richer and poorer nations.


And this is what unions are for. Shame y’all don’t have any.


Does your definition of fellow IT professionals include people that live and work in India providing service to companies in the US?


Unemployment in the IT sector is around 3% right now. That’s pretty much the definition of full employment. Things would have to get much, much worse before people will start organizing.


It’s not just that executives don’t have to worry about being outsourced overseas. While they can take advantage of globalization to outsource workers and goods, us little people are not allowed to do the same.

Anyone who tries to import and sell real brand-name goods from second world countries at second world prices, will find themselves bankrupted in court regardless of whether its legal. Those who try to take advantage of a better Netflix or e-book selection in another country will find themselves locked out. DVDs are region-coded. Etc…


I thought it was obvious who I was referring to, but to clarify: I’d like to stand in solidarity with my fellow IT professionals who are having their jobs outsourced.


McClatchy newspapers’ CEO pleased to announce that he’s shipping IT jobs overseas

I am pleased to announce I will no longer read McClatchy newspapers. I am also pleased to announce Patrick Talamantes, the CEO of McClatchy, can go fuck himself.


No joke, It is a freaking nightmare. On top of everything you mentioned, there are the daily site registrations with new log ins and passwords, many which induce email spam about mortgages and car insurance.

Btw… Just now got an email reply “failed to deliver” for a resume I emailed this morning. Lol!