McDonald's advises hungry, sick employees to get welfare benefits


I was certain Poe’s Law was in play there. On reflection, I have some fear it wasn’t.


If only there were a way to prevent pregnancy! Then we could get it into the hands of anyone who wants it. Surely everyone would be in favor of free or affordable birth control… oh, right.


Well, clearly if they are working at McDonalds/other fast food/retail, they shouldn’t be allowed the luxury of sex in the first place. Clearly, we should all keep our legs shut until we are gainfully employed with full benefits… /s


Hey, you’re missing an apostrophe there, brother!

While you’re lookin’ for it - let me know what exactly it is you do with all your concern - you personally - to alleviate the suffering of these unaffordable kids.

And by exactly, I mean your contribution, your donations, your time spent.

Step up and let us know, that we may be awestruck by the granite bedrock upon which the iron scaffold of your views are built.


I’m very into making sure children are well cared for.

Sounds kinda creepy coming from the likes of you.


Okay, I’m not on his side here, but that was out of line.


I suspect @grimloki was being ironic.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so, considering the vapid comments. But, sadly… the dumb is real.


Workhouses for poor children.

Gainful employment for kids in poverty, reduces imports, helping with the trade balance.

Everyone’s a winner!


Hey, you’re missin’ an apostrophe there, brother!

Have 1+ALL of your poor and disadvantage relatives actually changed their circumstances? You reference them, and obviously value them enough to open up about their shameful poverty - but is it all fixed now?

“Serious hyperbole” is a redundant, unnecessary and ultimately repetitious tautology.

Have you ever been in a fix? What did you do, how did you solve it?


I work at a nonprofit that focuses on, amongst other things, a farm to school program trying to get healthy food into our schools. Because school food is largely crap.

My significant other works for one of the largest food banks in the nation, where I volunteer.

I also volunteer much of my time helping to write grants to get more money for more emergency food, so that people can eat.

I’m a proponent of living wages, and meaningful social nets, and planned parenthood, and birth control. I’m also a social libertarian. People should do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt others, as far as I’m concerned. However children can’t provide for themselves. They depend on their primary care givers to be responsible… and that includes having them when they have a nice nest built for them.

People who can’t afford kids shouldn’t have them.


If you were working full time and raising children it might have actually been difficult to find yourself a new career, especially if higher-paying careers require more education (which costs more money and time neither of which you actually have).

I don’t think those of us arguing the unfairness of this bullshit disagree that it’s difficult to raise children on McDonald’s wages. I think we’re suggesting that there’s better ways to run our society than to have a “lowest common denominator career” that employs 20% of the population and provides a wage below cost of living.

I heard a soundbite the other day to the effect that if minimum wage had increased as much over the last 20 years as executive compensation has it would be about $17 an hour. I think suggesting that the status quo is less than fair is a relatively reasonable position.


Okay, I’m not on his side here, but that was out of line.

Sorry, but anytime a sociopath talks about kids, it creeps me out. Deal with it. If you think that’s out of line but you’re comfortable with all the amazingly shitty invective they’re spewing about people that work in the fast food industry, then I can’t help you, sorry.


Olive Twist begs to differ! :wink:


Cool. What you do is very cool.

But where do the kids come from? If all your time is spent damming the rushing brook, can you see upstream?


Strawman, character attack, political affiliation smear…check, check, and check.

I’m not quoting your comment; I’m describing it.

We all expect low-paying jobs to pay low wages. We might also expect that they pay living wages. If that’s unreasonable explain why. (“That’s just the way it is” is not an explanation.)


Gainful as in what? If they are making low wages how do they pay for school to develop new skills, while still paying to put food on the table? The biggest uptick in hiring seems to be the service industry. None of those are phenomenal paying jobs.


Absolutely. Anyone who gets any kind of public aid should be spayed or neutered. Anyone who brings children into their poverty stricken life is cruel.


Also lots of corporate office jobs, factory jobs, and warehouse jobs are increasingly being filled by contract labor on the higher end and temporary labor on the lower end. Job security is eroding across the board.


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