McDonald's employee burned by customer's "smoldering" dollar bill

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This is the sad part of the story: When you can’t afford the simplest form of medical treatment…




Obviously the customer has money to burn.

Rubber chickens at dawn, sir!


More likely it was so mild that you wouldn’t need medical treatment.

Still, I wanna know what was going on? Smoking and it got too close the ash tray? Stray flick of the end sent a hot ember on a bill laying in wait to be spent? Someone lighting blunts with dollar bills?


My understanding based on stories told to me by others who have worked in the fast food industry, is that there are plenty of other things that can give you severe burns than a smoldering piece of paper.

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My guess: the flaming money prank, coming soon to YouTube!


My Guess. People use that ash tray as a money tray…and then forget when they rest the doobie there.

The devil went up to Jersey
He was lookin’ for a Value-meal


Given the way many people treat service industry workers, my guess would be an intentional act of malice which the perpetrator would doubtless shirk responsibility for as a prank. OTOH, could be just a really dumb move like cash in the ashtray.

Quite possible, though if it wasn’t mild, the employee likely doesn’t make enough to cover basic medical care and would very reasonably fear McDonald’s would punish her rather than cover the consequences of the their workplace hazards. Service industry work is hard in any event, but working for a fast food chain is a Kafkaesque nightmare in a class of its own.


My guess is the customer was using it as a roach clip while waiting in the drive-through.

If it is a work accident, especially if there is a chance that it was caused by the (willfull) negligence of someone else, I (and my employer) would want to have documentation, no matter how mild I consider the injuries.


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