McDonald's location will pay you $50 just to interview for a job

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Potential applicants just aren’t loving it


McDonalds isn’t automating everything it possibly can just to be an innovator.


“You’ve got a lot of people with a lot of money, and they’re out there shopping… And then, on the flip side, we’re scrambling for help.”

I heard this same type of logic from a restaurant owner being interviewed on NPR, implying that the stimulus checks were the reason people weren’t applying at his restaurant. Who really believes that someone would not need a job because the government gave them around 3 grand (if they were lucky) in the last 9 months? People need jobs they just don’t want to work at McDonalds.


Raise your wages clown!


Do I have to promise to be serious about wanting a job?

I mean, I’ll take the money and sit for the interview, but that’s it.



Here’s a novel idea, pay a f’ing LIVING WAGE!


“Those hooligan dandys, running about from the penny candy store to the 5 & dime and back again! They’ll soon see the error of their profligate ways. Why just yesterday, I saw one of them spend 12 cents all at once. If they persist with these ruinous manners, they won’t even last two years on their government handouts! Maybe then they’ll want to come work for me!”

– Some McDonald’s franchise owner stuck in the 1890’s, probably


Lucky as in Lucky duckies, who have the good fortune of not making six figures.

If I understand it correctly though, the ‘issue’ is that unemployment payments are up a bit, and (maybe?) the requirement that you are applying for jobs is waived. Previously, you would lose benefits if you weren’t applying, or if you were offered a job and didn’t accept it.


Don’t pay people for interviews; pay them a better hourly wage. Do something to show that you’re not a terrible employer.

You get what you pay for. Paying $50 for an interview will get you candidates who are really desperate for immediate money. An extra $1.5/hr is much more attractive to candidates.

Even if they aren’t willing to raise wages, something like offering free childcare during the interview or free transportation to/from the interview much better solution. Right now, the employer is pretty much signaling that they don’t care about anyone and only want people who are desperate.


“We’re offering jobs with poor pay, lousy benefits, no security, significant risk of communicable disease exposure, otherwise poor working conditions and not many people want them. Huh, it must be that socialism has made them so fat and lazy.”
-Mickey D

Now might be a good time to bring up the whole failed neoliberal idea of the government subsidizing fast food franchises in poor and minority communities because direct job/education support was socialism. If we had instead invested in the people that lived in those communities there would be more jobs that people would actually want


In California, this is the case. A lot of people are waking up to getting pandemic unemployment assistance that roughly equates to the minimum wage here, and all you’re really expected to do is hunker down and not spread COVID around. It’s quite a change from the previous life, and who could blame anyone for taking what’s offered?


Something something free market works both the supply and demand sides of the house…




I’m wondering how are they planning to pay that $50. I wouldn’t take a check. With all the harassment claims in the news lately, I’d treat an interview there like a blind date set up online. No application with contact details up front, just a resume with my work name and easily changeable contractor phone number on it. The meeting would have to be in the main dining area, and where’s that recording gadget I saw on BB the other day?

Welp, the entire thing already cost me way more than $50. Pass. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Not everything.


There’s only one person in my family that’s ever worked at McDonald’s and he lasted 2 weeks before he quit. It’s just a suck job that pays suck wages for suck work.


Funny how low wages didn’t factor into the reason no one is applying… :thinking:

(Edit: corrected hiring to applying)


In other words McDonald’s pays poverty wages.


Not only are the wages low, you can’t work a full 40-hour week because then they’d have to give you benefits. But they also change your schedule every week, and expect you to be available at all times to cover a shift.


Meanwhile, good ole’ boy Florida Gov Ron DeSantis (R-Confederacy) is refusing to discuss extending unemployment benefits or raise the $275/week payments. At the same time, Florida businesses that pay low wages are complaining they can’t get people to work for them. I’m convinced that Ron’s forcing Floridians to take low paying jobs. On top of that, yesterday he signed law to collect sales tax on internet purchases. The funds collected will go to reducing business’s expenses of UI.