This is for all the people who complain about ads for McD’s on Boing Boing (instead of installing an ad blocker).
You’re welcome.

CNBC: Posts on McDonald’s employee site bash fast food

CNN: McDonald’s on employee resources site: Not lovin’ it

There ought to be some law that you can’t have dirty fingernails in press photos. Gross, man.

Honestly, I think the stuff revealed in this exposé is in line with their PR. Super Sized Big Macs are a sometimes food and if we’re telling our employees how to live a healthier life, we’ll tell them so.

At least this time they’re not firing/arresting someone for asking about their wage practices, paying them with prepaid debit cards with fees that eat their entire paychecks, or telling their underpaid employees to work a second job, skip on heating their apartments, and sell their Christmas presents for scratch.

In a way, it’s probably about the least terrible thing they’ve done all year. See paragraph 2. It’s been a long, terrible year.

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