McMansion Hell is having a gingerbread house contest!


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Best case scenario, you would recoup your investment in gingerbread and candy. Flip that (gingerbread) house!


But you also get to look down on the nouveau riche. Even their architecture is gauche!


Upside-down ice-cream cones make for awesome coronets/towers/pointy bits on such monstrosities… oh the things you learn when your 4 year old asks for a princess castle birthday cake!


That strikes me as an excellent way to bring home some of the reasons why she is so against these houses.

It’s not this, BTW.

I’d imagine building one of those things out of gingerbread would bring home just why the architecture is bad.

The thought of having to recreate those rooflines in gingerbread gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Gingerbread structures must be constructed mainly of gingerbread and icing.

I reckon across the decades that the need to skirt such requirements has resulted in some interesting materials. How thoroughly can you alter gingerbread before it ceases to be “gingerbread”? Is it possible to make some sort of porous ginger-foam, for instance?


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