McNichol is the UK's Wasserman Shultz: Corbyn supporters will be able to vote in Labour leadership race

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DWS is not in charge of Clinton’s campaign. That would be a big surprise to John Podesta and Robbie Mook, who are in charge of the campaign.


Agreed, her new position is “honorary chair of the Clinton campaign’s ‘50 state program.’”

She hardly “failed”, since Clinton is the nominee. She just got picked to take the blame once the emails were released.

Now that she is out, the DNC has cleansed this foul corruption from its ranks, and will henceforth give all candidates a fair shot.


Um, guys? This is about the Labour party, not the Democrats.


Two picky points:

  • It’s the National Executive Committee
  • It has 30-odd seats. The six referred to are those reserved for representatives from local constituency parties.

But it is indeed bad news for the Red Tories.


Hugely popular?

People who like him, really like him - but that’s not how elections work.

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And you expect a comments thread to stay on topic? Hah hah.


He is more popular than the other candidates among the voters in this election; that’s how elections work. They are currently voting to elect a leader of the Labour Party, not a Prime Minister. I back Corbyn, as Leader of the Labour Party, but I don’t expect him to win a General Election. The odds are stacked against him, as the media support the Tories, who have further cemented their hold over England with a bit of light gerrymandering.

However, I support Corbyn because his raises a left wing agenda which is otherwise not seen in out political landscape, where the choice is otherwise, right of centre (New Labour Blairites), right of right of centre (Lib-Dems), right (Tories) and far right (UKIP, etc).


Look! A squirrel!

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Look! A hedgehog!



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quite a lot of “himselfs” and" herselfs" under the Prime Minister column. It would seem to be a rule-- the leader of the Government is the Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.

On the other hand, since Labour isn’t in the position to form a government until 2020 at the earliest, perhaps you’re right. Maybe parliamentary concerns are overrated.

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I would say that as incompetent as Debbie Wasserman Schulz was, the stolen mails revealed that there was a lot of plotting, but that (almost) all of it was shot down in the plotting stage. Cooler heads prevailed, and there was a lot of “God, I would love to, but we can’t” within them.

That said, McNichol is much worse because he has some semblance of competence and less scruples. He’s the sort of politician who has gotten comfortable where he is, and would rather see his party keep losing the PM slot than actually do anything that might risk his position.

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It’d be nice if it didn’t derail in the first comment.


Well, if BB hired an editor, maybe it would happen less.

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That’s they way I see it :wink: I want someone keeping the candle burning for the welfare state.

If it was about the Dems, I thought she was meant to be unbiased. In which case she did fail cos she clearly was not even handed according to the DNC emails

[quote=“euansmith, post:8, topic:83077”]
I back Corbyn, as Leader of the Labour Party, but I don’t expect him to win a General Election. The odds are stacked against him, as the media support the Tories[/quote]
Not to mention his speaking style, which is just one notch up from “mumble”, and his evident lack of leadership ability. (Not that anyone in Labour’s right wing is any better.)

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This is a battle about money. New Labour acquired the assets of the Labour Party, nominated its friends into Labour seats, and is now desperately trying to hold on. They prefer a Conservative government to a Labour government of the left, because there would be no place for them in it (whereas with a Conservative government they can trim a tiny bit to the left and claim to be different.)

Harold Wilson famously said three weeks was a long time in politics, and there are four years to the next election. A great deal can happen in that time, including a major economic crisis due to economic uncertainties and failed negotiations leaving the EU. The Major government wasn’t bad - in fact it was making a much better success of things than the last 5 years of Thatcher when the whisky really got to her - but it was wiped out in 1997 by a Labour Party that would have got a huge majority had it been led by Trump with Satan as deputy leader, simply because it wasn’t the conservatives.
I guess the real fear of New Labour is that exactly this will happen. The Conservatives will become toxically unelectable, a left wing Labour government will get in, and the Blairites - many of whom are not that old - will be in the wilderness forever.

I also suspect that May is too intelligent for this. She will lead the Conservatives subtly leftward. Thus Corbyn will affect the government without actually being in power, but not enough to return a Labour government.
But Welsh and Scottish nationalism and the cash-mogg-bone barking wing of the Conservatives could derail her.
Meanwhile - she’s talking to Putin. Economic deal with China, Russia, Turkey and Iran once we leave the EU?

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