Tory party leadership contest

Or as previously described:

Leadsom, McVey and Harper out. Boris on top.

Votes for those remaining in the competition:

Boris Johnson- 114

Jeremy Hunt - 43

Michael Gove - 37

Dominic Raab - 27

Sajid Javid - 23

Matt Hancock - 20

Rory Stewart - 19


Tories voting in “How bad do you want it?” contest keep saying “Hold my champers…”


Nigel’s loving it.

With not one elected MP, he’s got the whole parliamentary Conservative Party scrambling in panic, voting for Boris on the basis that he’s the only person in the party who any of them believe has even half a chance of convincing the sort of Tory voter who’d vote Brexit Party that he’s ‘their’ man.

And yes, that does mean ‘man’. No women need apply evidently.


They applied, but they won’t get through to the next round.
This shitshow is only going to get worse. Crashing out without any form of trade arrangement in place and leaving it to the asset strippers is not what anyone voted for but it looks like the most likely outcome now that the No-Deal blocking vote failed yesterday.


Does this mean we get to bring back some old classics?


Why do they need a leader if they plan to prorogue parliament and let the UK BREXIT with no one at the helm?

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I listened to BBC Radio 4 the other day, in sheer horror about the people who called in to support Johnson and his BREXIT approach. (Because, “we want have our own laws back”).

With Johnson in charge, I fear the UK will crash out, search conflict with the EU over already agreed terms, and maybe ruin both itself economically and the EU politically. I think this makes Europe a less secure place. Good that the US president just threatened to withdraw US troops from Germany and move them to Poland. He’ll be a perfect ally to the UK, and will help to try to trash the EU.

Thatcher was bad, in her own ways. May seemed not only bad but incompetent. But Johnson is the sheer horror. The first was worried about Germany, and wanted to prevent it getting to powerful to get a political and economical imbalance in Europe. The second was apparently impervious to the idea that the EU integration was a measure to prevent future war in Europe. The third seems to be willing to sabotage the EU actively to gain personal benefits from it, and not giving a flying fart about any consequence, including war.

I am still at the unbelievable stage, mixed with some controlled rage. The deeply disappointed to depressed and helpless stage will follow when he’s at Number 10.


He has the endorsement of Il Douche, what more do you need? I see a new “Axis of Evil” evolving, with Washington, London and Manila maybe? Add in Hungary as well? We are so fucked.


And we cannot get this unfucked easily.

I need a break. Someone, please.


You and me both, brother. Stupidest and also most dangerous timeline imaginable.

“We oil the jaws of the war machine
And feed it with our babies!”


Is it seriously gonna take a world war 3, or like a great depression on a worldwide scale before people realize the path we are on. its like we are on a raft heading towards a waterfall and half the passengers are suggesting we should row faster.

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It almost feels like the second half of the 1980s again.


Happy extra Like for the song.
Disappointment at the appropriateness.


I like:

That’s right. We wouldn’t want the party members to have to make an actual decision, just pick one of two functionally identical candidates.

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