Measles cause hundreds to be quarantined at two Los Angeles universities

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“It’s crazy to see that that’s happening in a place that I spend time studying. It was supposed to be eradicated,” said Nolan Origer, a UCLA student.

If he thinks that’s crazy, wait until he finds out that UCLA has this faculty on campus:

Founded in 1961, the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health aims to build health and equity, and to drive positive change for all people. We act on this mission through initiatives in three core areas: education, discovery and service. In each of these realms, we affirm our commitment to developing leaders and evidence-based solutions, and to working in partnership with communities to promote health and well-being in ways that are innovative, respectful and inclusive.

Clearly they should have gotten on top of the whole “dimwitted and pants-pissing helicopter parent” community a while ago.

This measles resurgence in 21st cenutry America just gets more and more embarrassing.


And Il Douche just chimed in!

Remarkably, he now thinks we should get shots!!

This despite his previous tweets:



I’m going to have my vaccination records printed onto a wallet card.


I know the lollipop image has been used countless times, but I only today noticed the “Page 1 of 1” in the corner.

That’s some office admin support personnel mic dropping right there.

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I was just reading about people my age - born in the middle 60’s - and I think there’s a good chance I only had one shot in '67. I checked with my mom and she said that’s the only one she knows of and can remember for sure.
I’m seriously thinking about getting a current MMR. Thanks, anti-vaxer dipshits.


Or… just someone using the most available office printer, of which they likely don’t have the admin auth to change any output settings.



embarrassing’ is simply not a strong enough word for this.


Just get the blood titer immunity test. That’s how many UCLA students (including my son) are avoiding having to dig out old vax records.


Was Stephen King a Prophet?
“Captain Trips” will decimate us.
Is this how the world ends?

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Right you are.

What do you call people that cite 60s sitcoms to defend not vaccinating their children?
Child abusers. Willfully ignorant child abusers.


How expensive is a blood draw and test vs. just getting the vaccine again?

It depends on what you use for health care. At a walk in clinic it should be well under $100, and if you have insurance it could be as little as $0.

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