Measles growing in the U.S., largest number of cases reported since 1992

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If future historians of the American empire want to date the beginning of its fall into decay and darkness and superstition, the simultaneous return of measles and resurgence of right-wing populism over the past few years will be a useful marker.


Somewhere on some social media platform there are scores of right wing assholes blaming Obama and the Libs for this.

Surely more tariffs will help this situation.


Yea, I’m getting my booster soon. I found out I was given my one and only shot in the middle 60’s.


Yep, I had a blood test done and found I wasn’t immune to measles. I’ve had one MMR shot now and the second one will be a few weeks.

The 981 cases in 2019 sounds really bad – because it is – but let’s spare some sympathy for Ukraine which has had over 52,000 cases of measles so far this year.

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