Meet 'Chibatman,' Japanese Batman cosplayer who takes things very seriously


“He wishes to remain anonymous, so here’s a shot of the front of his home.” Hehehe…


as architecture goes, it looks pretty nondescript

Still no match for the White Hawk of Bokuto.

This is awesomeness. I wonder if 4chan folks can create a barrier to protect him from the unwanted attention he will surely attract.

There’s an old lady in Vancouver who dresses like Mother Goose and walks around the downtown with her bonnet-topped namesake in a kid’s wagon. I smile when I see her.

The translator doing his best Batvoice is most amusing


No capes!

Seriously, I would hate for him to be snagged on anything.

I don’t think he minds attention. To avoid attention, first do not dress up as Batto-man and ride around town.

I’m hoping he happens upon some bank robbers and donates their loot to the Home for Extremely Cute Orphans.

Am I the only one that read the headline and though “shabbat-man”?

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I love how the translator does the voice.

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Is Japan actually The Land Of Taking Things Very Seriously or did some sort of orientalist interpretation of Japan somehow get this embedded in its arsenal of preconceptions at some point?

Based on reports, I’d say the former; but my selection of available reports is obviously subject to the latter, being as I am in the Occident and all.

he did secure it to his bike, and it looks like it’s tare away so it should be pretty safe.

He dresses as Batman and rides around town taking pictures with babies while talking in the style of Christian Bale’s often mocked gravel-voice. The interpreter is also talking in that gravel-voice (which is hilarious). Do you honestly think this isn’t anything but tongue-in-cheek?

And utterly delightful.

Come on, he’s clearly having a blast: He’s riding around town dressed as Batman.

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He’s the hero Tokyo deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

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Particularly in Japan.

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