Meet Daniel Reeve, calligrapher for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings


That was one bit I’d forgotten from Tolkien:

…and it befell during the Eleventh Age that Grëanor, whelp of Nüannor, being cast down in sloth, lay and rested by the Fount of Girnnoth. There came unbeknownst to him the Umber Fox of Angband, famed for fleetness, which, seeing Grëanor, resolved to best him by trial of strength: to that end he purposed to overvault Grëanor and so prevail…


Isn’t it the ‘The Black Gate’, not gates?

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Is your folk metal band in urgent need of an epic name and a bitchin’ logo? You’re in luck.*

*most of those are probably taken already, sorry.


I got one more: Tengwar∴Umlaut.

Half of them by this band:

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