Meet John and Mack: the most famous American kids in Korea


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Very nearly Caveman Ninja


At this point, moving back to the states would be a bit of a shock.

“Oh yeah, we were huge in South Korea.”

“Well, here in California you ain’t shit. Now give me your lunch money punks.”


It will be interesting when they are college-age, and if they choose to “go abroad” to an American university. I would think that, even now, they have such a compelling story, they’d get acceptances to the school of their choice.


Occidentalism. Much cuter and way more acceptable than the reverse.


It’s hardly surprising that young kids would be fluent after living somewhere for four years.

(Also, anecdotally, in my experience Koreans are very generous with their praise and astonishment if you can speak any Korean at all. Also also, I think the younger kid mispronounced something. When he said fish tastes bad, I think he mispronounced 맛없어요. Even if I’m right, I’m sure this kid’s Korean is 20 times better than mine. Look, I’m just lashing out as I struggle in a misguided way to feel better about myself!)


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