Meet the 9-year-old "King of the $1 Record Bins"

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Seems like my kind of kid. I love looking through the dollar bins at record stores, flea markets, and thrift stores. It gives you the freedom to try something you’ve never heard of, or even just if the cover looks cool. Besides, for me, part of the enjoyment of collecting is the thrill of the hunt, and to have a good story behind it; to be able to bring out a Beatles or Zeppelin record and proudly proclaim, “I bought this at a garage sale for a quarter!”


While I appreciate the obvious convenience of digital media. I grew up in the 80’s with a thirst for the odd music. But with few resources at the time all I could do was skip lunch, save the money, and then go shopping every Friday. I would start at A and look at every record to Z. My only criteria was the album cover. The more surreal the better. My first Cocteau Twins was Garlands because of the cover. Same for Echo and the Bunny Men, Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny puppy, The Cure, Hunters & Collectors, Einstürzende Neubauten, all blind purchases that would very much form the person I am now.

Or course there were the mistakes. The ComaTeens comes to mind. But all-in-all it was rare to buy something that I didn’t like on some level or didn’t open my mind to something new.

Actually, I was just talking to someone last week about the old school record stores and I realized that in a certain sense they were a functional predecessor to the internet. It was a place we went to hang out to meet interesting people and discover new ideas, cultures, etc… it opened my eyes to a larger world and made my medium size town feel too small. To a certain extent the city library did that as well but it didn’t wrap up new ideas with such a sexy bow.

Nostalgia Monday…


I know a lot of “diggers” who would take umbrage with him being called “King of the $1 Record Bins.”

But yeah, it’s cool that he’s smart enough to look through the discount bins at his age.


I know the 9 year old in question very well and he is a benevolent king, rarely lords over anyone. I am sure they’d be ok.


Thanks, Uncle Jason.


Good parenting, ahoy!!! It’s always satisfying to see what awesome human beings are spawn are becoming!

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