Meet the composer of "Schoolhouse Rock"


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Almost everything I know about grammar came from watching Schoolhouse Rock!


Yep! “AND, BUT & OR will get you pretty far”


One of my favorite things he did was sing this song on a Miles Davis album:


Earworms plus learning = WIN.


loved them all as a kid. I love how De La Soul structured their “The Magic Number” around “Three is a Magic Number,” and while I was never interested in Blind Mellon, I think their version is actually pretty great

“Now dig the pattern once more…”


Don’t forget Lynn Ahrens, too - couple good ones there


Hey! That’s an interjection!


So many faves… among them: My Hero Zero, and No More Kings.


Looks like Schoolhouse Rock was a lot better at grammar and arithmetic than history.


History, too. [EDIT: @L_Mariachi’s comment notwithstanding.] When I reached 8th grade and we had to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution, something clicked and I realized “hey, I know that song…”

The voice behind “Conjunction Junction” and “I’m Just a Bill” was that of jazz trumpeter Jack Sheldon, who was erroneously reported as having died a few years ago. The late Blossom Dearie sang “Adjectives” and “Figure 8.” I couldn’t remember Dave Frishberg’s name, and while looking him up, I found out that drummer Grady Tate also sang a few of them.


Whenever I see or listen to old Schoolhouse Rock episodes, I realize how much of my musical tastes formed as a kid from seeing these over and over. Not to mention having the multiplication tables, the Preamble, and grammar rules engraved on my brain.


Earworms? I’m still humming some of the mathy ones, and it’s been, what, about a century?


I had the pleasure of seeing Bob play at the Deerhead inn, a few years back. Amazing, especially considering his age, I think he played for around 2-3 hours, and worked the crowd between sets. Charming and talented dude. There was a kid whose birthday it was, and Bob played one of the schoolhouse rock songs for them. Quite an awesome evening.

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