Meet the millennial who's mapping the Catholic Church’s land holdings to fight climate change

Does a 30-year-old even count as a “young person”? I’m not seeing how age figures into this at all.

For me she does!

Age can factor into things, since younger people tend to drive change to a greater degree than older ones.

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Even in reckless reading of the New Yorker article, I’m fuzzy. She will apply land managCANNOT HANDLE FLAT KBD Land Management to Catholic lands to save the global poor from some rents and disease vectors, create plausible complete lifecycle support from broken tracts of butterfly habitat, and…get reflective roofs on unadorned things to stave off climate change? Just plain cover crop env’tl mitigations on the land?

Hm. Cool Roofs | Department of Energy doesn’t even start pointing out reradiative materials with like 98% refl. or the stuff extra keen to emit in IR. Super cool white paint basically creates 'free air conditioning' - CNET and so, but from yeah hardware suppliers.


This is a wildly impressive task. I recently had to map just the government or power company owned parcels in a single large neighborhood of a US city with good online records and it took ages. Any property buyer that sticks around for a century+ gets recorded under a bunch of small variations. For just the City of Cleveland it would sometimes be listed as Cleveland- City of, City of Cleveland, Cleveland, Government - City of Cleveland, City Government, plus a bunch of typo variations. Church properties would have the same issues, but could be listed at each level, parish church, bishopric, and up and down the line.


You got me. I have no idea what a better headline would be.