Meet the owner of a "$1 patent portfolio" shaking down businesses with scanners


Still waiting for people to start acknowledging the Getty images shakes down small businesses in nearly the same exact way.

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Really? Under what circumstances are people forced to use Getty images in the normal course of business?

This guy is trying to shake down end-users of scanners. That’s hugely different.


Let us know when it’s anywhere near the same way and perhaps we might?

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Ahem. Oh, Anonymous…

We gots a name for you…

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Gee, what a socially beneficial use of one’s law degree! Methinks Tex is about to get his ten-gallon-hat knocked off. I shall applaud when it happens.


Wasn’t that guy in Mulholland Drive? The Cowboy?

The Attorney General of the State of Vermont has brought a Deceptive Practices action against a company that is known to be managed by Jay Mac Rust, the Texas attorney for the notorious advance fee fraudster Steven “Dean” Kennedy, whose now-defunct company, Atlantic Rim Funding, defrauded businesses seeking business loans, by taking “escrow” funds, failing to deliver funding, and keeping their clients’ escrow. link

Anyone see American Hustle??

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