Meet the Sweden Democrats, a creepy far-right nationalist group

So what happened to the story about the tennis net? Your second article is just a story about stolen koi carp and makes no mention of Eastern European stealth fishermen. Like I said, the British press is full of bullshit, some of which becomes urban legend like the Romanians that ate the Queen’s swans, which had no basis in fact. I’m sure every pub across the land now has a bloke who claims to have once caught Romanians, Gypsies or members of ISIS catching and eating “our” English wildlife.

I’ve been told a number of times that Chinese people in Britain catch local cats and pass them off as chicken in their restaurants. The comedian Mark Steel pointed out that it’s quite difficult to catch one cat, let alone the number required to service a takeaway and that its much easier to buy cheap chicken from your local cash and carry.


I heard that story from my uncle, who is a financial director and goes to country clubs. It’s possible that it’s an urban legend, but as I wasn’t using it to support anything and found it funny, that was the spirit in which I shared it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fairly clear that there is illegal fishing going on (illegal times of the year, fishing methods, not catching and releasing, large scale fishing affecting stocks etc.) and this has a lot to do with the different culture; some eastern European countries traditionally have fish for Christmas and are used to catching them wild, so some people do the same in the UK. Apparently swans are also eaten, probably in ignorance of the Queen’s claim to them:

Kathy Hornig, a welfare officer for the RSPCA, has visited several sites where swan carcasses were found. She said: ‘We have been aware of this for some time. The people trying to catch the swans are causing them extreme distress.’

A spokeswoman for the Polish Mission in Peterborough last night appealed for migrant workers to be educated rather than punished for their offences. She said: 'It is possible that people don’t know the law.

‘Some don’t even know the laws of their own country. There is also more of a tradition of hunting for food in eastern Europe than in Britain.’


I prefer my politicians to be 1337

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The shocking thing is not that these groups are on the rise, it is that anyone is surprised. Whether you believe that unlimited immigration is good or bad, it should make sense that there is going to be some resistance from those who feel that their families, homes, and futures are at stake. Every time a child sex ring is exposed or a bomb goes off in a crowd, people who have always considered themselves pacifist and moderate will move to the right. Even in Germany, where they avoid even reporting crimes committed by immigrants, people are making ugly suggestions about “summer camps”. And the Swedes are particularly hard hit. They feel like their kindness is being betrayed. 30 grenade attacks have been reported this year. A woman was abducted by a rape gang near refugee housing, survived, escaped, then abducted by a different rape gang before she got home. I don’t know how much of what is being reported in the Swedish news is accurate. I am not sure that accuracy is as important as what the average person perceives to be true. And yes, I understand that this is very much the way Hitler came to power, but instead of Islamists, they had Marxists to fear then.


That happens in Canada too. To my friend, who is Canadian Chinese, and who had to stop her Aunt from wading into Lake Ontario to get one of the tame Canadian Geese… culture clashes man, delicious yummy culture clashes.


The number of refugees they’re dealing with is equivalent, per capita, to roughly 6 million people arriving in the US all at once. A lot of people are unhappy about that for a lot of reasons, some of them even good reasons. I think you’d see a lot more of a drastic reaction in the US if that happened here.

Though this seemingly-reserved compared to what I’d expect of my countrymen reaction might be another case of “the dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.”

I really don’t think there would be much uproar over here if people started taking it out on those particular immigrants.

They are delicious… not that I know that, cuz eating them here is a crime see… but very very tasty, not that I would know…


On a lighter note, does anyone else feel that this buffoon Trump has slipped a bit to the right on the amusing-to-frightening scale? He’ll say anything, he never backs down. I fear that those guys in Boston are just the very tip of how far his supporters might go,even and maybe especially, when he starts to slip in the polls.
I’m getting quite concerned.


My university was littered with them. If I knew more about slaughtering animals, I would have been extremely tempted to lure one back to my on-campus apartment.

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You’re not exactly countering their claims.


Yes. You repeat yourself. When I asked for a cogent argument I wasn’t asking for more accusations, but supporting facts. I’m getting the feeling you probably don’t understand the difference though.


Geez she should come to Seattle. We have to cull them every now and then cause they crap way too much in the water. Then the animal rights nuts get all up in arms when the now ex geese are used to stock food banks and such. While I am like what are you supposed to do with them? Just dump them? Moving them was tried and they just kept coming back so yeah tasty tasty goose.


So, the best place to find out the truth about a political party is on their official website. Riiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhtttttttt…


And yet you have to come up with a cogent response other than “LIES! I TELL YOU!”. Oh and I see it is a brand new account. The astroturfers are getting pretty lame these days.


Hell I wouldn’t trust a political party I actually liked to tell the truth on their website.


It’s not just one reporter and one piece. I’m not terribly inclined to visit the web site either. You came in to the discussion carrying on about lies, with nothing to support your position, and then you want me to go read the party’s site to back your claims. I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way.


Well then. Your work is done here.


I’m getting worrying signals just from your writing.

Do the Sweden Democrats have a big problem with the mentally ill, I wonder?


I’m not surprised you would.

Is the Daily Telegraph also part of the leftoid hivemind?